We understand that reliability and swift delivery of parts are the main pre-requisites for the optimum availability of a piece of equipment driven by our engines. For this reason, our support organization for the product is prepared to offer short response times and reliability in the delivery of the product. In order to do this, we have set up a reliable logistics chain that guarantees that what we promise will be what our clients expect.

We make every effort so that our storage facility is stocked with a wide variety of original spare parts, which, according to our experience are in regular need of replacement to solve the problems in a swift and efficient manner. We also keep an important list of common maintenance products and consumables in our stock, which are necessary to have available for your engine, generator and/or automatic transfer switch.

We know about the high cost of non-programmed stops of a piece of equipment, and we know our clients cannot afford this luxury. That is why we recommend having a stock of spare parts in the location in which the equipment operates, with the necessary materials to perform the minor repairs that could frequently be made, and that could incapacitate the unit, thus causing an unnecessary emergency (for instance, governors, sensors, injectors). This significantly reduces the downtime caused by waiting for the arrival of the part.

Plan ahead! Let one of our experienced technicians make an assessment on site, and recommend an adequate stock of spare parts for your type of operation. We will offer you a kit of parts that can be readily available in your location in case of an emergency.

SVF is proud to offer our clients the service they expect to get. Should you need any help regarding a part or accessory, please use our contact form on NEW REQUEST, or call our post-sale coordinator at (58) 212-9753411. Our staff is very well prepared and willing to assist you with those hard to find parts, prices, and availability.

  • Engines MTU Series 1600, 183, 396, 2000, 4000 and 1163
  • Engines Detroit Diesel Series 50, 53, 60, 55, 71, V71, V92 and 149
  • Mercedes Benz Industrial Engines – All MB series of off-road vehicles.