To be the owner of an MTU product is much more than just a commercial transaction based on supply and demand. We are firm believers in the fact that a successful commercial transaction is like a long-lasting partnership with our clients, from the date of commissioning of the product, until the end of its lifetime.

To this end, we offer support solutions based on the specific needs of the clients. Our maintenance concepts are truly flexible and allow for the optimal adaptation of the maintenance intervals to specific applications and conditions, which improves the availability of the product while reducing operating and maintenance costs.

We offer a physical and technical operation support structure for spare parts and service which back the operation of your equipment. Our support activities offer over 5,000 articles in IT stock, as well as storing facilities with over two million dollars worth of parts. These parts are readily available. We are able to get original parts from the factory and to provide solutions according to the needs, in terms of complete substitution of engines, generators, and automatic switches.

Our staff is ready to quickly respond to the needs for parts and service your equipment may have, all this to get your equipment to work with the least downtime possible.