At SVF we focus all our efforts on the satisfaction of our client needs. To this end, we work with:


We promote teamwork, dedication and tenacity, making long-term commitments to our clients, strategic allies, workers and stockholders.


We generate value with solutions, exceeding the expectations and standards of our clients, manufacturers, and competitors. Likewise, we focus our interest on efficiency and continuous improvement through the implementation of systematic evaluation processes, and with the development of competences in our talent, as key aspects to adapt to the demands and changes of our surroundings.


We keep a deeply rooted enthusiasm for the work we develop along with our people, for our clients, our brands, and our strategic allies, always thinking about the development of new initiatives and undertakings to grow and improve.


Our work is based on ethic, responsibility, honesty, and transparency, always complying with the law and jurisdiction of the countries in which we operate.


We practice empathy with our workers, also committing ourselves to the communities and the development of the country.